Sarah & Amelie

photo essay 2/4

Sarah Watson, FLOSSY and her Amelie.

From Floss:

“Tasj photographed us how we were on that day in summer 2019. How we were at that time was fluid, but painful. I was suffering through a slow and painful death of a relationship, low self-esteem and facing parenting challenges that were hindered by these distractions. On this day, we dressed up – there were moods. However, what we discovered with Tasj that day was strength and connection that is threaded between women with unbreakable lines. The beauty we have in ourselves alone, and together. That there would be no me without her, and no her without me. We’ve grown up together, and we shine together, and apart. Tasj mended the frays on our threads that day. Sewed them with sun and film and grass on our legs. Just for an hour or so we were just three women playing.”