Hello, I’m Natasja, commonly called Tasj.

        I document Weddings.

        01. Born Leeuwarden in The Netherlands.

        02. Lived for 8 years near Utrecht, The Netherlands, before moving to Zonhoven in Belgium for 8 years. Pretty cool if you ask me even though my childhood was very turbulent.

        03. Moved to Perth at age 16. That was tough.

        04. Mum and Grandfather are wood carvers and painters and a curious little old me would always sit and watch them.

        05. My Uncle was an architect and a painter. He pushed the boundaries with his paintings, many of them exploring sexuality, I was completely fascinated.

        06. I can’t paint or draw for shit.

        07. I loved wearing pretty dresses when I was little even though my clothes these days are not very feminine at all. I’d like to dress more feminine and will change my wardrobe over the next two years to reflect this.

        08. I love music and desperately need to work on my playlists.

        09. These points are starting to look a lot more like a ‘To-Do’ list.

        10. I have 2 kids (boys), almost grown up, a husband (also almost grown up), and 2 dogs called Lucy and Drew. They are my life. I hope every day I’ve done a good job and they are kind and smart and make good choices. So far, so good.

        11. I used to fly little cessna aeroplanes.

        12. I share a studio with 2 Graphic Designers called Leah Dent and Melissa Soraya in North Perth and I love them. We live at the back of a shop called Future Shelter.

        13. I have a Best Friend who has a pig for a pet. Portraits of them to come, keep an eye out on Instagram.

        14. I love Photography. All of it. I like to challenge myself with it and go a little nuts sometimes.

        I want to be authentic, real and document what I see in that way. I have a need to tell a story and that is basically what I am about. I’d love to hear about you.


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